The connotation of Raiyoga stands for typical combination of planets at birth which bestows coveted benefits such as honour, prosperity, power and attainments right through one’s life that occur specifically during the periods (dashas) of the yoga forming planets. Numerous Rajyogas with varied interpretation are notified by the ancient sages in their work at different points but all these yogas are not meant to show equal bestownment as they differ in strength and substance. The grade and efficacy of yogas depends upon
the position, status and strength, etc, of the planets involved in the formation of such yogas.

These yogas help a person reach an elevated position even from the level of an ordinary birth. The status could be comparable to state heads, political heads, business magnets or an administrative position that can be used to excercise tremendous influence
in their area.

Rajyoga in many cases may not uplift a person to a regal position but will certainly reach out to a distinctive status in term of position, comforts, opulence, etc. In fact, in the modern arena, analogy of power and financial position determine what the native is and what the implied condition of a rajyoga have made him.

As I have already stated, Rajyoga enhances the good effects thereby promising success, luck and prosperity in all the endeavours. A powerful Rajyoga is formed when the Lords of Trine house (1st,5th and 9th) and the lord of quadrant houses (1st ,4th ,7th ,10th) are related to each other either by:

(1) conjunction (2) mutual aspect  (3) parivartana (mutual exchange) (4) exchange of birth nakshatras.

According to sage Parashara, the quadrant houses are reckoned as “Vishnu stanas”(abode of Lord Vishnu who provides sustenance to the earthlings) whereas the trine houses are known
as “Laxmi stanas”(Laxmi, the goddess
of prosperity).

In addition to these combinations of rajyogas, there are other auspicious combinations, which render the effect of raj yogas and are reckoned as one.



One born in royal scion will become ruler if 3 or 4 planets with strength occupy their exaltation / mooltrikona sign at birth. If 5 or 6 planets be placed so, even a person of mean birth will attain rulership and wealth in life.

Panch maha purusha yoga

The auspicious effect of panch mahapurusha yoga were explained by sages as:

At the time of birth of Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn. Severally occupies its own or exaltation sign corresponding to quadrant position in a chart it will give rise to ruchaka, bhadra, hamsa, malavya and sasa
yoga respectively.

These unique placements of planets in this form give rise to the potential of conferring high-quality benefic effects and helps uplift the status position of the native and thus these yogas become sacrosanct. Panchpurusha yogas are qualified by a condition of the sun or moon. Conjoin the yoga producing planet and it will not manifest the intended results though they might give some favourable results during their effective dashas.

If the concerned planets are away from either the luminarious sun/moon, the respective yoga will get fructified fully and the native will experience the effect throughout his life. An unblemished yoga will have full manifestation while negative interferences of the other planets will alter the result.


If Mars is posited in its own sign or in quadrant of a native’s horoscope, it gives rise to Ruchak yoga. This yoga promises the preponderant influences of Mars on the native. The person concerened will be endowned with the unique signification of Mars—valourous, domineering and adventurous and he will be a great fighter. He will rule over places.

It is also emphasised that such a person will become king or will acquire a position or status comparable to royalty and will command an army. Akbar, the great and mighty Hitler were conferred with this yogas.

ADOLF HILTER was among the most fearless and spirited personalities with intense fortitude in his time. He had Ruchaka yoga predominantly formed in the Aries sign in the 7th house accompanied by an exalted sun, along with its nearest planets Mercury and Venus, also giving rise to Buddha Aditya Yoga, making Hitler invincible with most irascible attitude (combination of the Sun and Mars). Since the attributing planet to this yoga is Martian sign, Aries, his actions were carried out single-mindedly, focussed on his objective of grabbing world power through war.

THE LORD of the ascendant, Mercury and the 11th house Mars are conjoined and placed in a quadrant house duly aspected by the powerful 2nd lord Moon. Therefore, a strong bond exists between the ascendant, the 2nd and the 11th lords. Further, the 9th lord is in conjunction with the 5th lord in the 5th house itself. The 9th lord in exaltation has also helped the sun having Neechabhange Raja yoga.

In addition, Mercury in exaltation in a quadrant house provides. Bhadra mahapurusha yoga. Besides, his present state of opulence and phenomenal rise are also attributed to the most efficacious wealth yielding Chandra adiyoga. According to the placement of benefic planets Jupiter, mercury and Venus in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th house respectively, from the moon . to have this yoga in its pure form is a rarity. True to the merit classified by these yogas, Bill gates is endowed with copious wealth, exuberant luxuries, bounty living and prolific profession.


If a person (male) is born in day time, then asscendent Sun and moon all lie in odd rashis, while if a female is born in the night, the ascendant Sun and Moon are of even rashi. The person is said to have Mahabhagya yoga.

The native born in this yoga has opulent wealth, is famous and very fortunate.

RAM PRASAD GOENKA, the famous Indian industrialist got chairmanship of Ceat tyres during his tenure. He has served in Philips, Murphy, Dunkan Bros, Kaman, etc., at the most prestigious position and came out as a successful industrialist.

He was born in the Aries ascendant with Sun, Venus, Moon in 11th house of growth and achievements. The Lagnesh Mars is strongly posited in the 10th house in its exaltation sign with Mercury and its aspecting lagna strengthing it. Jupiter, the 9th lord, is posited in the second house.

And Venus, lord of the second house (house of wealth) is placed in the 11th house forming a wealthy combination. Saturn, 10th and 11th lord, is posited in the 9th house.

Jupiter, lord of fortune, is aspecting lagnesh Mars and the 10th house, the Lord of karma. The 5th lord Sun is conjoined with the Moon and Venus in “labh bhava” forming Vasumati yoga. Most importantly, Maha Bhagya yoga is also formed.


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