Persons born in this Nakshatra are truthful and honest in thought and action. They have a high grade of intelligence and purity of motive. They are generous and possess rather lovable dispositions although at times, they may appear weak and sometimes over idealistic in their thoughts and actions. Kindness is the key note of their character and at times even their truthfulness and honesty is put in the background to serve the needs of their keen desire to refrain from hurting anyone.

They effective compromises which will help them to overcome their opponents without really damaging or hurting them. These people have strong humanitarian tendencies. They have religious bent of mind. They generally get involve to solve the problems of one and all. They are deeply concerned for their near and dear ones. They help curing people with blessings and medicines. They value the guidance and appreciate the views of others.

They will be quite successful and their financial status will be such that they will seldom have to worry about money matters. A happy and carefree disposition, very intelligent, in fact, rather above the average person in this respect. In spite of their ability to achieve success they will be modest concerning themselves and their achievement. They are respectful to one and all. They are descriptive and make sure to maintain discipline at work place as well. They take wise action and decision to make their career successful.

( To calculate your nakshatra and pada, you have to get some details like, date of birth, place and time of birth. Then depending on these details, on that particular date and time you have to check the moon longitude, where the moon is placed. Then by using this moon longitude, you will get your nakshatra and pada. )



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