The meditation technique taught at Brahma Kumaris is called Rajyoga Meditation. Rajyoga meditation is the process of cultivating self-awareness, which leads to self-realization and attaining mastery over the self. Just as there is physical yoga for the body, Rajyoga is the spiritual “yoga for the mind”. Rajyoga Meditation involves relaxation, concentration, cultivating an awareness of the True Self and of God. The object of concentration is not a physical object but is the ‘inner self’ and instead of repeating a word or phrase, a positive flow of thoughts is encouraged and the emphasis is laid on how long one can stay in the experience of a single thought.

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Steps to Meditation

Step 1: Withdraw energy mentally from everything around you – not to reject or resist, but to turn your attention inward.

Step 2: Create a point of consciousness. Focus on the center of your forehead. Think of this point as a radiant star, a sparkling jewel or a kindled flame. This will transmit positive energy, making you feel good about yourself.

Step 3: Affirm this positive energy through positive thoughts and images about yourself such as “I am a peaceful soul”, “I am a jewel of peace”, or “I am the child of the Ocean of Peace”.

Step 4: Focus your energy on peace, and let this become the object of your meditation. As you focus, you will give peace life, turning a thought into a feeling.

Step 5: Experience this feeling by paying conscious attention to it.

Who Should Do It, When and Why?


Rajyoga Meditation is an extremely simple technique that empowers the self and restores it to its fullest potential, so it can be done by all souls, regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, religion, etc. Rajyoga Meditation is not something that you “do” but it is a way to “be”. And what might begin as an exercise in a chair for 10 minutes a day, will blossom into a capacity to be in the highest state of being anywhere, anytime. However, as a constant practice, it is best done in the morning after waking up and at night before going to sleep, and otherwise, it can be practiced anytime during the day. You don’t need any special place to do it, for it is an invisible exercise of the soul, so you could be in meditation whenever and wherever and no one would know.


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