The study of health issues falls under Medical Astrology. By reading the chart, an astrologer can predict the health issue one is going to encounter in life. Prediction of the exact disease depends on the astrologer’s level of study. Unlike medical science, astrology can predict both the likely disease and timing of death. Having said that, Karma has an equally important role to play, as fate or destiny.


Extraordinary karmas have the power to change or modify the course of destiny. Terminal illness or Asadhya Rog is considered, even by the medical fraternity, to end only with death of the diseased person. Though research has been on in diseases such as cancer and a patient can be cured now if the disease is detected at the primary stage, more than 99.99 persons die on want of detection, unaffordability and easy unavailability of treatment.

In astrology, Asadhya Rog can be predicted by the composite reading of the first (health), sixth (disease) and eighth (death) house. Even the third house has an important role to play in determination and impact of such diseases. The 8th and 3rd houses represent death in the horoscope. Positioning of planets in these houses and interplay with other crucial houses determine the terminal illness. In the extended horoscope, 22nd Devakshan impacts death. Among the positioning of houses, the first house which represents health is the most important. If a person is born with sound health (good planets in the house in the first house), the impact of the 6th house (disease) is miniscule. However, Gochar (present circumstances) brings in a crucial factor, i.e., at a particular time, the good planets in the first house could weaken. This provides opportunity to planets of 6th and 8th house to attack the weak planets of the first house, which could result in the death of a person.

For example, in the case of former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, late Vilasrao Deshmukh, his death on 14th August 2012 was due to common positioning of Pratyantar Dasha (27th June 2011 to 17th August 2012) of Budh (Mercury), which was owner of the 6th house, Mahadasha (9th July 2008 to 9 July 2028) of Shukra (Venus) and Antardasha (8th November 2011 to 8th November 2012) on that particular day. The Lagna was weak and in Paap Sarkari yog so it failed to protect him. His Sun’s positioning with Mars in the 12th house was a cause of death.


The remedies are an integral part of Jyotish, but the actual impact of these remedies depends on strict adherence of principles and timeline. For example, if you want to lose weight, daily exercise and control on eating is mandatory. There are five types of remedies—Ratna (stone), Mantra, Aushadhi (medicine), Daan (charity) and Snan (holy bath).


The Jyotish recommends stone or Ratna as per impacting planets and present situation (Gauchar–Muntha). The combination is Surya-Manik, Chandra-Moti, Bhaum-Moonga, Budh-Panna, Guru-Pukhraj, Shukra-Heera, Shani-Neelam, Rahu-Gomed, Ketu-Lasni and Muntha-Moti.


There are nine mantras (one each for the impacting planet) which has to be chanted at fixed times. For example, the mantra for Surya (Om ham heem haum sah sooryay namah) should be chanted 7,000 times and for Ketu (Om stram strim strom sah ketave namah) 23,000 times at a fixed time daily.


Since Aushadhi or medicine is a prerogative of a different stream, we would not discuss that here.


Under Daan or charity, 11 different items (gold, metal, grain, clothes, etc) in nine different combinations as per nine planets and present situation should be offered as charity.


And the last but not the least, Snan (holy bath) at a particular time as per positioning of each planet has a curable effect. How far the remedy can cure depends on strict adherence to principles and timing. Sometimes a simple mistake wipes out the labour of the rest.

The prediction of terminal disease is absolute and is based on the factor of death. The death is the only reality, so nobody can run away from it. But, the timing of death is based on possibilities which in turn are a result of the interplay of planets. In the case of terminal disease, the average life of a seriously ill person is considered to be six months, but positioning of favourable planets can stretch it further. Plus, astrology always has space for Karma, so one’s Karma impacts the seriousness of illness too. The Karma includes the precautionary steps taken and strict health regime followed. That means there is always a possibility to save oneself from the onslaught of terminal disease. Yet, since death is the ultimate truth of life, karma can only stretch the life span. Death needs a cause, so terminal illness becomes one. Hence, by virtue of its imminence, both are absolute.


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