Relationship wise, a lot of transformation is expected in this area. The harmony and joy in your life will be affected due to workload. In order to maintain a balance in your life, you may require to dismantling the current workloads and start afresh. You need to protect your emotional life and need to love and take care of yourself. On the career front, you will take stand for your rights within conditions. The year ahead looks promising for you. Those looking for a change should take advantage of any kind experience you have in order to attract your kind of work. Your finances will improve gradually and you will be able to start saving for your future and your family. Overall the year is looking good for you.

Lucky Colour: Grey, White, Turquoise
Lucky Number: 9, 19, 30
Lucky Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Affirmation: You need to trust that the divine timing will bring all you need in a perfect way at the perfect time.


This year is all about energy and passion. You will explore new paths in your life which will allow you to creatively use your skills in your home and relationships. At a certain point of time, you need to take things easy and take your time. Connect with your inner vibration for care and gratitude. Career-wise, you need to understand that what might seems impossible could be a blessing in disguise, later. Financially, you will emerge from the dark phase and will experience hope. You will have more than one source of income and all of them will yield you good. In terms of your well-being, you are likely to gather strength in order to walk away from a spiritual or religious avenue that has ceased to hold true in your eyes. You have the capacity to set your goals and pursue them.

Lucky Colour: Indigo, Pink, Yellow
Lucky Number: 2, 6, 23
Lucky Day: Sunday, Thursday, Friday
Affirmation: Release all unnecessary fears as a happy outcome is assured.

GEMINI gemini

This year, your relationship with your family, friends or beloved look good. You will spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. You will be surrounded by those you love and will be delighted with what’s happening around. Those who are single, love will be present this year. Your professional life will be enriched and contented and will have the energy to incline towards the career perks. As you approach a new phase, you will attend important events and meet interesting influential people who will lead you to new ideas and career opportunities. On an emotional and spiritual front, you will learn from your previous mistakes and will use your knowledge to grow.

Lucky Colour: Orange, Purple, Red
Lucky Number: 3, 6, 10
Lucky Day: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Affirmation: Someone needs your help. Think who that may be and reach out to them as soon as you can.

CANCER cancer

This year you will receive love and will focus your attention to your loved ones and their happiness. Those who don’t feel the energies in your spirits, then you need to leave behind the toxic vibes and let go of the relationship. Career-wise, travel will be relevant to your career growth. The days ahead will bring in career-changing opportunities. Your dreams are just on the horizon. There might be a bit of a struggle to realize your dreams, but you will overcome all hurdles and achieve your goals. Financially, this year will be satisfactory. All you need to do is to stand your ground with your strength. This is because you have a hand of destiny over you. Keep a positive attitude and meditate to connect with your inner self.

Lucky Colour: Parrot Green, Silver, Grey
Lucky Number: 13, 15, 18
Lucky Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday
Affirmation: Look deeper into the situation to gain a clearer perspective. Things are not always as bad as you may think.

LEO leo

New and amazing love experiences are in store for you. You are about to learn to live and love with full spirit. The card indicates that you will lead to a new level of love that will make you appreciate every individual around you. On the career front, everything will be manageable, until you found yourself having to undertake unexpected expenses. You need to put in a little more efforts and work hard to realize your goals. Dedication is the key to success this year. Financially, you will do well. You will experience a boost of energy that will help you finish pending tasks. New chapters of life await you this year. Get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Lucky Colour: Pink, Peach, White
Lucky Number: 10, 11, 12
Lucky Day: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Affirmation: Be patient, good times, good luck and good news are all in the air. You’ll see.

VIRGO virgo

You know the meaning of deep love and you will find comfort in your relationship. Your creative visualization will help you to turn your lifestyle wishes into reality. You are likely to walk away from a negative phase of your life. You will find reasons to celebrate with loved ones. Work-wise, you are in the right position to make some career-oriented decisions. You are a hard worker and this year you will bear the fruits of your efforts. As per the card, new beginnings are in alignment that will be very productive. You are likely to undertake something new that offers a substantial increase in your financial status and security. New and influential people will enter your life as you educate yourself and increase your knowledge by expanding your spirituality.

Lucky Colour: Peach, Green, Sky Blue 
Lucky Number: 14, 18, 26 
Lucky Day: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 
Affirmation: It is time to learn something new. You will meet new people and help restore your zest for life.
LIBRA libra
This year your Ying Yang energies are very well balanced and thus you will enjoy a happy and a secured relationship with friends, family and beloved. You are likely to spend quality time with your loved ones. Those singles will find someone to warm your heart. Career-wise, you have more than two work avenues that establish your career and a significant income. You will set your goals clear and work sincerely to achieve them. You are likely to face important decisions this year, therefore meditate and connect with your angels to help you in making the right decision. Overall this year, you will appreciate the life to the fullest. In terms of your spiritual beliefs, it will be understood with respect by others.
Lucky Colour: Brown, Grey, Green
Lucky Number: 9, 12, 17
Lucky Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Affirmation: Release the old to make room for the new to enter your life.
SCORPIO scorpio
Love is always available to you easily. You attract love into your life because you know the importance of appreciating the loved ones. This year you to get comfortable in your current relationship. Those who are single will find a way to connect with your soul mate. Your career is likely to get affected by some changes in your area of romance and relationship. You need to organize and bring balance in your professional and personal life. Like your career sector, your financial situation is also affected by your personal life. Slowly and with the help of friends and loved ones, you will move forward and soon will attain financial stability. New beginnings may arise in March that will help you conquer. Overall, a good time with your family and friends.
Lucky Colour: Red, Mauve, Golden
Lucky Number: 7, 20, 22
Lucky Day: Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Affirmation: You are far stronger, braver and capable than you think you are. You can and will get through the challenges you are facing now.
Love will come to you only when you start loving yourself. You will slowly come out of a phase where you have become exhausted by giving all out to your loved ones. You need to connect with the frequency of love and care. In the career sector, something amazing is going to happen. Many new opportunities and source will come your way. You will vibrate in positive and affirmative prosperity. Travel is on the card either associated with work or further studies. Overall, it will be a good year, career-wise. Financially, you will be doing well. You will experience a spiritual elevation to a higher dimension and this will make you feel closer to the universe. All your efforts will be paid and you will regain confidence in yourself.
Lucky Colour: Black, Gauge, Peach
Lucky Number: 4, 11, 19
Lucky Day: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Affirmation: I am vibrant with energy and bursting with life in my new body. My confidence and radiant joy expands to everyone around me.
CAPRICORN capricorn
This year the energy of love will enforce and attract your exciting relationship. Singles will take time to find their soul mates, but you will vibrate in amazing love frequency from their family and friends. In the field of career, you will handle any job with ease and grace. You will be known for your hard work and honesty. All of this will make you feel content. A positive attitude will help you feel comfortable and success will flow in abundance. Financially, you are likely to start something new. Whatever finance you may need will come to you easily. You are likely to understand your inner self and life path. Though challenges will come your way, but this time you know how to deal with them. You will benefit tremendously as your karma credit.
Lucky Colour: Yellow, Brown, Baby Pink
Lucky Number: 7, 12, 13
Lucky Day: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
Affirmation: I recognize the abundance in my life and effortlessly save certain amount per month.
This year, you will learn from your previous experience and will work towards reinforcing your existing relationship. You will eventually find the strength to move forward and open doors for brand new love to enter your life. In the career sector, you may take a chance which is in all good intention, but it may not work out as hoped. Financial related worries will soon get over. New opportunities will open its doors as soon as you close the old one. This year, all that was bothering you in the past will fade away and convert into a brand new beginning. Over a period of time, you have learnt valuable lessons that have developed inner security and will enable you to follow your dreams.
Lucky Colour: Pastel Color, Magenta, Brown
Lucky Number: 8, 18, 20
Lucky Day: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Affirmation: I am in control of my health issues. Relief is flooding my mind as I know that abundance is manifest within me.

PISCES Meena Pisces
Until now what seemed hard to understand will now become crystal clear. You will realize and trust the cycle of life. You are likely to go with the flow of love life. Love is definitely waiting for you, all you need to do is breathe easy. On the career front, you know how to grab the attention of influential people and gain their trust. This is the year you are likely to make an important decision regarding your existing job. In order to make the right decision, connect with your inner voice. Your inner self will be your guide to success. Overall, you will reinforce strong energy of prosperity and blessing into your life. The year will be full of new opportunities. In spiritual terms, you will realise that it’s a divine right to live in a harmonious and emotionally rich environment.
Lucky Colour: Green, Sky Blue, Indigo
Lucky Number: 15, 23, 31
Lucky Day: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Affirmation: I embrace the wisdom that makes up who I am. I allow it to develop and express through me.


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