Negativity inside may create nuisance at this time, this will make you uncomfortable and a pessimistic person. It is a very spiritual and a great time to get a reading, healing work, or other helpful input from spiritual natures. At work, there might be a fortunate end to a valuable project or venture. Be careful on the financial front. Postpone the investment; curtail your expenditure as this will help you to maintain balance. In terms of your personal life, you need to pay adequate attention at home and domestic issues. You are searching for contentment and fulfilment and strike the right balance. This is a positive period for your love life.

Lucky number 2
Lucky colour Green


This month you will be surrounded by inferiority & self-doubts that will not allow you to lead a normal healthy life. You need to re-evaluate your feelings and look for ways to improve your health conditions. On the career front, travel, transfer/job change is indicated. Some of you may have plans like a change of job or starting a new venture or anything else that increase your liability. Even though things have been lousy in your job for the past some time, there is cause for hope and positive anticipation. On the personal front, warmth, care and concern for each other at home and in a loving relationship is indicated. Those who are looking for a romantic partner will meet someone at their workplace.

Lucky number 14
Lucky colour Pink


This month you will be full of life, but at the same time overworked. Look to your mental and emotional situations also. Most of the time, you hold the key to your health and vitality. You will also enjoy a balance in body, mind and soul. Professionally, you will try to please others and keep on rocking the boat. Any initiative or action you feel inclined to take may lead to a positive outcome for you. Make strategies to get more outputs and productive results. Those seeking jobs, find your interest and potentials for the right career. On the personal front, it is a favourable time for developing your relationship with parents and other relatives.

Lucky number 8
Lucky colour Red


This month your emotion quotient is high, therefore, listen to the voice of the body and not the heart. Restrict your foodie style or craving for sweet food. You have to make some efforts to improve your health situation. Rejuvenating yourself away from the hectic schedule is on the cards. Professionally, you may be moving to a new position or a new set of responsibilities. Promotion, hike in salary or business profit is on the cards. You are likely to be able to pay off debts and there will even be an ability to share your wealth with those less fortunate than you. This month expect to harmonize your relationship with someone who had hurt your feelings you in the past.

Lucky number 22
Lucky colour Coral


Value your health and give it a first priority. Your health may not be all that good as you would like it to be, but on the other hand, it is better than others. Be grateful for what you have. Pushing yourself when you are too tired can cause illness or injury. On the career front, you are ready to take any type of challenge. You are creative and very enterprising. If you have applied for a job, you may get an interview call this month. The project on foreign land you have been aspiring for may come in your kitty. Or you may be sent to a foreign land as a representative by your company. In the matter of hearts, a better understanding needs to be developed.

Lucky number 10
Lucky colour Turquoise


You need to come out of the monotonous schedule. Health-wise, if there is something that has been bothering you and you’ve not been able to find a solution, this is the right time to get involved in Yoga, Pranayam and meditation. Soon you will find your negativity turn into positive and make you a much better person. On the career-front, the good news is on the way. Those in the export-import business will soon get a big deal. You will make contacts with the people abroad, travelling, new association and assignment done in this period will prove fruitful to you. On the emotional front, you may lose your cool of mind in the nitty-gritty of situations and strenuous relationships.

Lucky number 13
Lucky colour White


You will feel hale & hearty with an abundance of energy and vitality this month. Your body, mind and soul are in perfect harmony. In order to be free from stress, you need to balance professional and personal commitments. On the career front, you are leaving no pending work. A new business or a new job may cause some worry in your mind. You are into the lookout for some strategies, gimmicks to make your venture a super success. Ask questions and practice active listening to make sure that you and your co-workers understand each other perfectly. On the personal front, try to deal with your loved ones with patience and care.

Lucky number 30
Lucky colour Pastel Green


Due to workload, you will not be able to find time for your health. Neglecting your health at this point is not advisable. Listen to the voice of your body. Nurture it, care for it and feed it with natural food. Rescheduling your working agenda and taking some time out for you is on the cards. On the career front, increase in salary, promotion for those who are already in a job and financial gains in business indicated. Those who are in media, finance, and artwork will do better this month. In your personal life, you will witness some ups & downs this month. Serious differences with spouse may take place. You need to infuse more creativity and imagination in your relationship.

Lucky number 19
Lucky colour Magenta


A good message in terms of your health is on the cards. Those who are waiting for test results, it’s time to celebrate. You need a small course of medication to free yourself from the health problem. Increase intake of liquids, juices and fibrous food in your diet. You may join a health club, or yoga, meditation centre together with them. Career-wise, the month is good. New opportunities will be on the horizons making you hopeful about the future. You may find yourself financially secure through some good investment decisions. Those who are singles may expect a romantic and influential partner in your life. Existing relations will radiate with warmth and affection.

Lucky number 24
Lucky colour Green


This month you feel enthusiastic and adventurous to take life challenges with full spirit. You are at the right pedestal on the health front. Your positive mindset and cheerfulness will add charm to your personality. On the professional front, you have to use your own judgment, instead of blindly following orders to remain on the right track. Something planned meticulously is likely to take off smoothly if you go with the flow and don’t target anyone with your goals. Better if you face the challenges with a cool mind. Those appearing for job interview are likely to get success. On the personal level, someone’s quiet and subtle ways are likely to bowl over on the romantic front.

Lucky number 15
Lucky colour Golden

PISCES Meena Pisces

This month you should build your sense of security and confidence that will dissolve all doubts and fears. You could feel how content you are when taking a proactive stance. Take care of your diet, exercise, and relaxation time. This is a good month to create room for something better in your professional life. Dedication to work and commitment will pay you rich dividends. Travel will be beneficial and rewarding. On the relationship level, be careful about escalating an unimportant issue with your partner without understanding the full scope of the matter. Stop being too formal on the romantic front, it may keep you away from expressing your true feelings.

Lucky number 17
Lucky colour Copper


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