About Us

We often wonder about life and its purpose. All of us go though phases when we start questioning our existence. We being to ask ourselves, where are we headed? What do we really want from life? Are we really happy? Despite all our achievements and materialistic pleasures, why do we still feel empty?

In this journey called Life, we tend to mistake physical health with our overall well being. However, the fact is a healthy body can be achieved when our Emotional and Mental health are looked after. When Body, Mind and Soul are in tandem with each other. That’s when you attain actual well being.

Body & Beyond is a community-driven network, and are here to spread awareness & knowledge so that our readers are able to lead a ‘Meaningful Life’.

What started as a Magazine in 2013 is now going Digital with all your love & Support. We truly believe in the mystery of the Universe & Karma. What we do realise is that there is a certain science behind it that needs to be decoded for our readers.

For all those who are seeking answers, for all those who are looking for awareness and for all those who are Soul searching must be able to find the true purpose of their lives.

Lets embark on this journey of Body, Mind, Soul & Universe together and unfold the magic.